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Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)


Beith is able to custom-design easily assembled free standing display units (FSDU) intended for in-store promotions. These are designed to draw customers’ attention to new, on-offer, or seasonal products, most commonly found in retail outlets.

FSDUs are proven to enhance impulse purchases. Take advantage of this consumer behaviour by adding these stands to your limited retail floor space. Free Standing Displays can be constructed with a huge range of materials ranging from corrugated board, Xanita board, steel, ABS, or Perspex, depending on the permanence of the unit.

Beith offers permanent or short term solutions depending on FSDU requirement.


  • You can have full control over how your products are presented and marketed to the end-customer.
  • No size limitations.
  • Durable enough to hold a range of merchandise and video screens.
  • Printed digitally so you receive a cost-effective, high quality product at turnaround times to meet your deadlines.
  • Beith’s Idea Lab can make all custom-designed FSDUs come to life, whatever they may be.

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