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Banners have been used in retail advertising for a long time due to the high-impact graphics and durable material that create an effective, low-cost product. Banner advertising is ideal for retail promotions, new store openings, events and exhibitions.

Beith can create a tailored product that captures your message and catches the eye of your audience through our high-quality print and colours.

With PVC banners by Beith, you are guaranteed a visually striking product. Which is why they are often the product of choice when it comes to banner advertising.

PVC is a type of plastic that is perfect for large format banner printing due to its cost effectiveness and lightweight, durable material.

PVC banners are also durable and robust for indoor as well as outdoor advertising of any kind. PVC is waterproof, scratch resistant, and tough enough to sustain long periods of time in the African elements – making it the perfect material for advertising.

Beith offers an all-through-out service that includes site visits, large format printing, precision cutting as well as the installation itself, to the exact custom requirements that you need.

Banner advertising is ideal for retail promotions, store openings events, and exhibitions.

Beith banners can be either single or double-sided in the size that suits your needs. Banners are finished with reinforced hems and brass eyelets or pole pockets, so that they can be hung or displayed just about anywhere.

Speak to us today about how we can best assist you with your banner advertising needs.