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Our team of experts in our Idealab has the experience and skills needed to help you achieve your marketing goals.

We do this through impressive and impactful visual communications. Our services extend far beyond large format printing. We're also focused on the technical aspects of design and when combined with innovative thinking, our Idealab offers a turnkey solution perfect for your needs.

We can be right by your side from the initial conceptualisation phase, all the way through to the final, finished product.

So, let Beith's Idealab find the best solution for your brand's specific needs today.

Here are some examples of our work:

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Beith Idea Lab


Beith's Idealab has the creative lighting innovations needed for a variety of both indoor and out applications - these will liven up any brand.

We will help you develop a solution perfectly suited for your needs.

Beith Frame with Music

Dynamic Motion Lightbox, featuring animated light scenes designed to bring printed material to life.

Lights | Absa Tripe

Absa Gallery Exhibition: Neon Signwriting

Burning billboard

Client requested their billboard to be set on fire for 2 days – so we listened.

Lights | MTN

MTN, 14th Avenue, Join The Boks Fabric Frame: Motion LED Innovation

Lights | Samsung curved frame

Specialised Aluminium framework cover with block-out digital print loaded with LEDs inside.

Lights | Xbox Orb

Rage Expo: Circular Aluminium Lightbox

Lights | BMW light frame

Fabric frame with added LED lights.

Blackberry LED Display Desk

The Blackberry Z10 was supposed to be a game-changer (if you’re reading this on your iPhone or Android device, you know how that turned out).

But while this Ideas Lab concept never made it into the real world, we think it serves as a great example of our thinking.

Using a smart curved cradle and blue LED lights, we would have been able to showcase the new Blackberry design, helping to distinguish it from its predecessors, which weren’t keeping up with the smartphone times.

The display would allow consumers to see this evolution of the Blackberry phone – you could say we were literally highlighting that distinction.

Enactus Giant Logo Origami Structure

Enactus is a not-for-profit organisation that seeks to better the world by empowering students into becoming tomorrow leaders. Their objective: a world that’s sustainable and for all countries to develop towards a better future.

So our concept for their logo was quite simple: taking the Japanese art of origami and using that as a visual metaphor for what they want to achieve. That being crafting out of “paper” a beautiful design.

And that is their design: a more wonderful world for us all.

Thus, the origami succeeds as a representation of shaping today’s students into tomorrow’s thought leaders.

A logo that we are proud of as it embodies the company’s intrinsic values.